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Tuesday night meetings.

Club Meeting

An Evening with Lois Siegel

As a citizen of Ottawa – a city she has fallen in love with since her arrival in 1992, Lois is involved in multiple activities. Siegel was named one of the Capital City’s Top 50: People who are shaping the future of the National Capital, by Ottawa Life Magazine.

With a career spanning 35 years, Lois Siegel is a multi-faceted individual, a photographer, filmmaker, writer, teacher and musician,

if she likes something or finds something interesting, she’s on it. For example, she picked up the fiddle and started playing in a Celtic band, because, well, just because the idea intrigued her.





Club Meeting

Interclub Photo Competition

The annual Interclub Competition is a competition among individual photographers in the four Ottawa-area photo clubs. The 2019 ON TOPIC is Edge, defined as the edge of something that is either physical (e.g., a cliff, a knife's edge, etc.) or mental (nervous, anxious, etc.)

There is also a GENERAL category.

Entry guidelines can be found here  

Club Meeting

Nature Group Showcase and Fall Challenge

Club Meeting

Action /Motion Photography Night

 Six club members will present a series of action/motion photos.  We can look forward to an evening of sport, street, contemplative, studio and nature photography using creative and dynamic techniques and purposeful camera motion, blur, time-lapse and post processing techniques. 

The club presenters for this evening are Freeman Keats (Intro to action/motion photography), Corry Berghout (Action in Family Photography), Laszlo Kovacs (Working on concepts/stories), Heather Dawe (Horsepower), Rod Windover (Motor sports Photography) and John Elliott (Capturing Action, Fast and Slow)


Competition Results

Faces & Figures - Authentic Moment

Topic: Faces & Figures
A photographic portrait which is a representation of a living person, especially the face, OR a photograph in which the subject, the human body, is the primary interest.
Entries are limited to POSED photographs of one or more human beings. The backgrounds may include statues or paintings of people, providing these are NOT the primary subject.
Pet and animal portraits are excluded.
There are no restrictions on location (indoors or outdoors) nor on lighting (ambient or artificial) however both must be CONSIDERED and CONTROLLED.

Club Meeting

Urban Group Showcase

Club Meeting

Bruce Wilson Competition


The Bruce Wilson Competition is a major competition event held annually.  It is a Black and White print competition.  

An entry consist of five black and white prints that are related to each other in some way or as a sequence with a story line.
Participants submit 5 prints that are related either as a “series” connected to each other in some way or as a “sequence” with a story line.   Registration is limited to 15 members and completed through the EVENTS tab on our website. The lead for the Bruce Wilson is the Chair of the Competitions Committee.

Get a head start and start preparing your prints as early as possible. Maximum 20 inches x 24 inches including mount and a minimum size of 8 inches 10 inches. See detailed guidelines on our website under Documents/Competitions/Bruce Wilson.

Club Meeting

Annual General Meeting and Faces & Figures Showcase

Club Meeting

Annual Awards banquet