Club Committees & Service Groups

Competitions Committee

Competition Information

The Competitions Committee, organizes the receipt, presentation and return of competition entries, arranges for contest judges, supervises the judging of competitions, arranges for the purchase and award of ribbons, plaques and trophies and prepares the competition input to the club budget submission.

Competition rules may be found here.  All other related documents are located in the Documents under Competitions here.

Entry Submission Guidelines

Image Size: 1024 pixels on the longest side.
File Size: 1.8 Mb maximum (Ideally your file will be about 300-400kB)
Colour Space: sRGB If you use Adobe RGB instead, your images will likely look washed out.

Standard test image

The club uses this image to help ensure correct projector adjustment. If you can see all of the whites and all of the blacks in this image and it looks good on your monitor, then your images should look good when projected with the club projector.




Sept. 2014

Competitions Committee Group Leaders 2016 - 2017
Competitions Committee Chair
Darren Boucher
Competitions Committee Chair-Darren Boucher Digital System Support-John Elliott Digital System Support
John Elliott
Competitions Committee Assistant (Judges)
Elaine Hum-Sim
Competitions Committee Assistant (Judges)-Elaine Hum-Sim Operator -Mike Geiger Operator
Mike Geiger
Competitions Committee Assistant
Jamie Johnson
Competitions Committee Assistant -Jamie Johnson Competitions Committee Assistant -Glenn Bloodworth Competitions Committee Assistant
Glenn Bloodworth

Education Committee

Information about Educational Prgrams at the RA Photo Club may be found here:

Education Committee Forum
Education Committee Group Leaders 2016 - 2017
Education Committee Chair
Nathaniel Mallet
Education Committee Chair-Nathaniel Mallet Education Committee Assistant-Grace Sutherland Education Committee Assistant
Grace Sutherland
Photo Techniques Workshop Convenor
Gilles Vezina
Photo Techniques Workshop Convenor-Gilles Vezina Photo Techniques Workshop Assistant-Robert Laramée Photo Techniques Workshop Assistant
Robert Laramée
Matt Cutter Custodian
Kathleen Parker
Matt Cutter Custodian-Kathleen Parker Matt Cutter Custodian-Bill Woodley Matt Cutter Custodian
Bill Woodley
Matt Cutter Custodian
Andrea Schlecht
Matt Cutter Custodian-Andrea Schlecht Librarian-John McTeer Librarian
John McTeer
Education - Instructor
Luc Delorme
Education - Instructor-Luc Delorme Education - Instructor-Brian Mazur Education - Instructor
Brian Mazur
Education - Instructor
Reda Sedki
Education - Instructor-Reda Sedki  

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee recomends members to the Executive to fill Excutive and Volunteer postitions.

Nominations Committee Group Leaders 2016 - 2017
Committee Member
Bill McCloskey
Committee Member-Bill McCloskey Committee Member-Lise Presseault Committee Member
Lise Presseault
Committee Member
Glenn Bloodworth
Committee Member-Glenn Bloodworth  

Awards Committee

Beginning in early March, the Committee encourages club members to nominate fellow members for volunteer awards. Nominations are sent to or a nomination form can be handed in. Criteria for the awards are under "Documents" on the website.

Members are advised of their nomination when they are sent a standard resumé, prepared by the Awards Committee, to complete or update. The Committee determines which award nominees are eligible for, according to the published criteria, and maintains a list of nominees, noting and advising those who are not eligible. Awards Committee members are free to nominate volunteers, just as any other club member.

Following the deadline for receipt of resumés, the Committee meets to rank them, using an established scoring system. Recommended winners must be approved by the RAPC Executive. Names of winners are kept secret until presentations are made.

The Awards Committee orders plaques and winners are encouraged to attend the Awards Banquet. The Committee prepares a script and projectable briefs of winners’ resumés and presents the awards to the winners at the Banquet. (If RA Centre awards have been approved, these winners are presented with certificates at the Photo Club Banquet.)

(RA Centre Awards are given only every second year (2015, 2017, etc.) but the RAPC Awards Committee is pro-active since notice of these awards may not allow much time.  Recommendations for RA Centre awards are sent to the RA Recognition and Awards Committee through our Photo Club representatives.)

(The RA Centre arranges its own banquet and presentations. Winners receive two personal Invitations. The Photo Club Chair generally receives 10 other invitations. Usually first choice for these invitations goes to Awards Committee members, then to members of the Executive, then to other volunteers and, lastly, to partners of Awards Committee members and/or other volunteers.)

Are you interested in helping to honour our volunteers, in a fair and impartial manner? Our aim is to reward the people who do the most to support the Club for the longest period of time, rather than to hold a popularity contest. If you agree with these goals, you're welcome to join us on the Awards Committee.

Awards Committee Group Leaders 2016 - 2017
Awards Committee Chair
Position Vacant
Awards Committee Chair-Position Vacant Awards Committee Assistant-Norman Smith Awards Committee Assistant
Norman Smith
Awards Committee Assistant
John McTeer
Awards Committee Assistant-John McTeer Awards Committee Assistant-Ed Overstreet Awards Committee Assistant
Ed Overstreet
Awards Committee Assistant
Bill McCloskey
Awards Committee Assistant-Bill McCloskey

Social Committee

Social Committee Group Leaders 2016 - 2017
Social Commitee Chair
Izabel Dabrowski
Social Commitee Chair-Izabel Dabrowski Social Committee Assistant-Andrea Schlecht Social Committee Assistant
Andrea Schlecht
Social Committee Assistant
Jack Starkings
Social Committee Assistant-Jack Starkings Social Committee Assistant-Anna Nitoslawska Social Committee Assistant
Anna Nitoslawska
Social Committee Assistant
Elaine Hum-Sim
Social Committee Assistant-Elaine Hum-Sim Social Committee Assistant-Sheila Istead Social Committee Assistant
Sheila Istead
Social Committee Assistant
Maureen O'Brien
Social Committee Assistant-Maureen O'Brien Social Committee Assistant-Elizabeth Kaminska Social Committee Assistant
Elizabeth Kaminska
Membership List Coordinator
Robert Laramée
Membership List Coordinator-Robert Laramée Bulletin Board-Jane Ritchie Bulletin Board
Jane Ritchie
New Member Support
Lise Presseault
No email Address Found
New Member Support-Lise Presseault  

Technical Services

The Technical Services Committee provides a vital service for the club mainly in the from of setting up and running equipment to support presentations at club events.

This involves setting up our club projector, Mac Book Pro laptop, audio amplifier, microphones, and operating the lights. It might seem like work but you can learn many valuable tips on how to run software and set up presentations.

This information can be helpful if you want to make presentations yourself, or help out at other events that you are involved in. Because many on the Technical Services Committee have experience with photography and software, they can be a helpful resource to those who might consider joining our committee.

Besides, to top it off we are the coolest bunch in the club!

Tech Services Group Leaders 2016 - 2017
Tech Services Coordinator
Pierre Gauthier
Tech Services Coordinator-Pierre Gauthier Tech Services Assistant-Roger Miller Tech Services Assistant
Roger Miller
Tech Services Assistant
Vlastimil Pojman
Tech Services Assistant-Vlastimil Pojman Tech Services Assistant-Peter Locke Tech Services Assistant
Peter Locke
Tech Services Assistant
Andrew Fraser
Tech Services Assistant-Andrew Fraser Tech Services Assistant-Alvin Choi Tech Services Assistant
Alvin Choi
Tech Services Assistant
Glenn Bloodworth
Tech Services Assistant-Glenn Bloodworth Tech Services Assistant-Laurence Head Tech Services Assistant
Laurence Head
Tech Services Assistant
Sami Kandalaft
Tech Services Assistant-Sami Kandalaft Tech Services Assistant-Andrew Mostowski Tech Services Assistant
Andrew Mostowski
Tech Services Assistant
Rick Harris
Tech Services Assistant-Rick Harris Tech Services Assistant-Yi Cui Tech Services Assistant
Yi Cui
Tech Services Assistant
Olu Agboola
Tech Services Assistant-Olu Agboola Tech Services Assistant-Jim Davidson Tech Services Assistant
Jim Davidson

Program Committee

Provides content for club meetings.

Program Committee Group Leaders 2016 - 2017
Program Committee Chair
Bill McCloskey
Program Committee Chair-Bill McCloskey Program Assistant-Robert Laramée Program Assistant
Robert Laramée
Program Assistant
Glenn Bloodworth
Program Assistant-Glenn Bloodworth Program Assistant-Peter Locke Program Assistant
Peter Locke
Program Assistant
Wilfred Oberthier
Program Assistant-Wilfred Oberthier Program Assistant-Lise Presseault Program Assistant
Lise Presseault
Program Assistant
Maureen Murphy
Program Assistant-Maureen Murphy Program Assistant-Celso Bressan Program Assistant
Celso Bressan
Program Assistant
Chak Wong
Program Assistant-Chak Wong Program Assistant-Glenn Bloodworth Program Assistant
Glenn Bloodworth
New Members Night
Abigail Gossage
New Members Night-Abigail Gossage Slide Showcase Coordinator-Mike MacKay Slide Showcase Coordinator
Mike MacKay
Summer Meeting Coordinator
Denis Duchesne
Summer Meeting Coordinator-Denis Duchesne