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Interclub Competition Results

The following is a list of  the Interclub Competition Winners


1st   David Sangster  Wolves Expending Energy       CCO

Wolves Expending Energy

Wolves Expending Energy

2nd Jean Lapointe   Facing the Wind   CPOPC

3rd   Howard Sandler    Dance Fever   RAPC


1st  David Pollard Past It’s Best  CPOPC

Past It's Best
Past It’s Best


2nd   Elizabeth Kaminska   Owl Butterfly  RAPC

3rd   David Pollard   Homeward Bound   CPOPC

1st  Daniel Parent  Snowy Take-off   RAPCDanielParent-RAPC_1st_General

2nd   Alain Leury    Re-energizing   CPOPC

3rd   David Burt   Irrawaddy River   RAPC



1st   Dinh Ly   Jumper In India    CCO

Jumper in India

Jumper in India

2nd   Dinh Ly   Watch Out, I’m Coming at You 1   CCO

3rd  Dinh Ly   Watch Out, I’m Coming at You 2     CCO



Daniel Parent   Flight of the Phantom    RAPC

Flight of the Phantom

Flight of the Phantom

Congratulations to all who participated.


Request (from Denmark) for Photos

The following request has been received. If you can help this individual please contact  the RA Photo Club Blog.

Would it possible to ask your many members if they have any good quality images of the old tower clock movement up in the Peace Tower?

I am writing a technical piece on this very rare tower clock movement but all the published images available online are rather poor. As can be seen in the attached links.

The problem is that these few images were taken with on-camera flash by ordinary tourists. Not skilled and experienced, amateur photographers. The protective, plastic, exhibition case reflects the flash and the surroundings and spoils the images. It is also possible there are vital components hidden behind the clock’s main plate. No images of the back of the clock plate are available. Without decent quality images it is very difficult to understand the exact function of all the visible components. The clock is so rare, even in Britain, that it has never been studied before. The Peace Tower clock may even be totally unique. Not unlikely given the immense prestige of this globally important building. The Peace Tower and its panoramic observation gallery must surely be an absolute magnet for all keen photographers. At least some of them might have taken pictures of the old clock movement exhibited in the gallery. As a keen photographer myself it seems perfectly natural that any photographer visiting the gallery would take a few pictures within the observation room.

I know this is really clutching at straws but you may be able to help through your membership. You may even have a member who would be willing to take some sharp images of the old clock movement from many different angles. Just as a fun project to add to their portfolio or their industrial archeology collection. The technical difficulties involved with capturing the subject matter through the protective case might well add to the challenges. ;-)

My sincere apologies for the length of this message.

Thanks and regards
Chris Bolwell


Advanced Post Processing with Lightroom 5 Workshop

When: Thursday April 10, 2014, 6:30 – 9:30 PM RA Centre Courtside B 6:30 – 9:30 PM    Instructor: Reda Sedki of the RA Photo Club.

Prerequisite: Familiarity with LR 5 in general including workspace, Library Module (not part of this workshop), preliminary image editing using the Develop Module.

Workshop Outline:

- Review of LR 5 Workspace and functions of each Module.
- LR 5 Preferences
- Preferred workflow
- Lightroom 5 Optimization
- Emphasizing what is new in LR 5
- Lens Correction and Camera profiles & calibration
- How to apply the best LR 5 Features in several types of images, i.e. Landscapes, Portraits, Urban.
- How to do a complete Portrait retouch in LR 5
- Understanding Colour Vibrance and Saturation
- Sharpening and retouching
- LR 5 Shortcuts
- How to create your Photo Books including Custom Layouts.
- Slideshows editing and presentation
- Printing and Soft proofing.

Bring your Laptop and one RAW image of a Landscape, Sunset, Portrait, or Urban on a memory stick.

Participants: RA Photo Club members, maximum 30, minimum 7
Fee: RAPC members $25.00 plus HST non members $35.00 +HST
How to Register: For registration please mention: Advanced Post processing with Adobe Lightroom 5 Workshop and the program code number 6566

In person: at the Members Services East Desk, near the east entrance of the RA Centre every day 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM except Statutory Holidays 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

by telephone: call the registration line 613 736 6224 Mon to Fri 11:00 AM to 5:30 PM
please have your credit card ready when you call

by e-mail: send an e-mail to with your name, phone numbers and the best time to call you back. Do not e-mail your credit card number.

on line: On the RA web site

if you need further clarification about registration, call Member Services 613 733 5100

If you have any other questions, please send an e-mail to:



Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.Bruno Barkey

The World is BeautifulGallery 5 5 Linden Terrace, Ottawa
Saturday, March 29, 1-5pm
Mark Schacter
The World is Beautiful

DISAPPEAR2aAtrium Gallery 101 Centrepointe Drive
21 March – 21 April
Glenn Bloodworth, Freeman Keats, William McCloskey, Maureen Murphy, Richard Perron
II (Dis) – Appear
Artists Talk Saturday 12 April 1:30pm

NaturaephemeraCentrepointe Theatre Gallery 101 Centrepointe Drive
21 March – 21 April
Suzan Mandla

Persistence of natureExposure Gallery 1255 Wellington W (Above Thyme & Again)
6-30 April
The Persistence of Nature

Foyer GalleryFoyer Gallery 1701 Woodroffe
1-20 April
6 photographers (plus other artists)
Dreams of Spring

AwakeningOWAA Gallery Goulbourn Recreational Complex, 1500 Shea Road, Stittsville
Until 2 May
9 photographers (plus other artists)
The Awakening

SPAOSPAO Red Wall Gallery
18 April onwards
Exhibition of SPAO Student Work

vistekVistek Gallery 499 Bank St
Canadian Photo Gallery

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