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Mary and Edwin Lee, longtime RAPC members
will lead, for the 3rd time, a 23-day tour for
photographers or anyone who’s interested, to China
October 15 to November 6, 2014
$6350 per person
Airfare from Ottawa included
2014 FOC Final Tour Cost Information Sheet
2014 FOC Tour Itinerary
2014 FOC Route Map & Photos
2014 FOC Tour Registration Form
2010 Focus On China Photobook


RAPC Photography Awards, 2013-2014 Season

The Club’s annual awards banquet allows us to celebrate RAPC photographers whose entries in the six seasonal competitions consistently received high marks. This season’s deserving winners are:

Performance Awards in the General Category and Representative Winning Images 

Junior Winner: Agus Liang

Agus Liang - The Vase

Agus Liang – The Vase

Intermediate Winner: Daniel Parent

Daniel Parent - Dancing Over a Cloud

Daniel Parent – Dancing Over a Cloud

Senior Winner: Edwin Lee

EEdwin Lee - Before the Storm

Edwin Lee – Before the Storm

Performance Awards in the Assignment Category

Junior Winner: Chantal Ringuette

Chantal Ringuette - Best Friends

Chantal Ringuette – Best Friends

Intermediate Winner: Sheila Istead

Sheila Istead - Lamp Post

Sheila Istead – Lamp Post

Senior Winner: Howard Sandler

Howard Sandler - Toronto City Hall

Howard Sandler – Toronto City Hall

The Bloch family seems to have a lock on the Photographer of the Year Award; this year, it was Jayni who took home the hardware for her unfailingly excellent competition entries.

Jayni and trophy

Jayni Bloch and the Photographer of the Year Trophy

Congratulations to all the winners; you’ve set the bar high for next season!






The RAPC Awards Committee’s job is to collect nominations and to recommend winners, who are approved by the Club Executive. Members of the Award Committee are: Barbara Lapointe (Chair), John McTeer, Ed Overstreet, Norman Smith.

The Outstanding Contribution Award goes to people who have volunteered in a significant manner during their first 5 years of membership in the Club. This year’s recipients are:

Bob Macdonald
Chak Wong
Kathleen Parker
Mike MacKay
Perpetua Quigley

The Alice Gillies Award is for people who have been in the Club for 5 years or more years, for contributions to the Club and to photography in general. This year the winner is:

Jamie Johnson

For a complete list of RAPC volunteer award winners, past and present, click here.

MG-RAPC _7507a

Jamie Johnson


Chak Wong

Perpetua Quigley

Perpetua Quigley

MG-RAPC _7503a

Mike MacKay


(photos: Mike Giovinazzo, Jerry Lam)



Bill McCloskey, as Chair, bidding members adieu

Bill McCloskey, as Chair, bidding members adieu

Clark Hall, RA Centre
May 20, 2014

So here we are, another year of the RA Photo Club is ended. That’s not true of course. The formal stuff is over, but we’ve made friends and we’ll be meeting them throughout the summer for photography and other things.

The last formal event this year was the Annual Year End Awards Dinner. Bill McCloskey, as Chair, said farewell to us in his usual brief and concise way. He would be succeeded by Perpetua Quigley, Vice Chair.

We sat and scarfed down our Roast Beef and told tall tales about the shots we made and the ones that got away. We lingered over our coffee and chocolate gelato. Denis Duchesne is always up to providing an amusing game as an after dinner treat. His take on 20 questions (or was it 25?) kept us arguing for a while. Who knew that Ansel Adams had his nose broken in an earthquake at the age of 4? And what’s the Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 Word of the Year? (Answer on this page.)

Of course the Awards were the main purpose of the dinner. If the Club is only as good as its volunteers, then we are a good club indeed. We honoured some of our best ones. Photographic Awards were of course eagerly awaited. We are a photo club after all! Click on:

Volunteer Awards
Photography Awards
Fall Challenge Awards

The evening ended with a showing of the always anticipated Fall Challenge AV show. Actually, it didn’t quite end that way. Some did stay and chat while others engaged in silliness. One table spent an inordinate amount of time taking selfies and discussing whether we should have an award for “Best Selfie of the Year”!

Best wishes for a great summer, and we hope to see you all back next year.

Izabel Dabrowski and the rest of the Social Committee

To see MORE PHOTOS from the dinner, click on the one below:

Word of the Year: Selfie (photo: Mike Giovinazzo)

Word of the Year: Selfie (photo: Mike Giovinazzo)




Gordon Parks, Department Store, Mobile, Alabama, 1956

by Bill Woodley

Dave Haggarty, Tom Schatzky and I spent 3 days in Toronto last week looking at over 40 of about 200 exhibitions of photographs on display throughout the city during the month of May. For the complete lineup of shows, visit: Almost all the venues are free entry (if you can find parking!) and most have paper copies of the map and the complete catalogue available free of charge. There are also lots of opening receptions, free lectures, workshops and other special events.

This year’s theme is “identity”, and it is interpreted in 43 primary (P) and featured (F) exhibitions. As usual, we missed some of these, and some of the ones we found most interesting were among the 144 open exhibitions not directly related to the theme. Here are a few of the highlights we saw, listed by their number references in the Contact Catalogue.

• Top of our list would be P2 and F23, 2 exhibitions of Gordon Parks (1912-2006), the black American photographer, filmmaker, novelist, composer and poet. They include many of his iconic US civil rights photos, as well as some made more recently in Alberta and Ontario. If you only have time for one of these, the Band Gallery has the bigger selection and it is going to be on until August 3.
• Another highlight is open exhibition #16 showing stunning “Desert Air” photographs by George Steinmetz, a National Geographic photographer who floats around deserts on a hang glider powered by a small motor (really just a large fan!) strapped on his back. Continue reading



As Chairperson(3 1/2 seasons), Barbara Lapointe initiated a suggestion box for members’ comments, set a no smoking policy, before it was the standard, began the 7:30 PM starting time for meetings (formerly 8:00 PM) and initiated the first summer meetings. She had run competitions, the Portrait Group, been on the Program Committee, was Newsletter Editor, did Publicity, co-wrote the New Member’s Information Guide, co-chaired the Open House; She has been on three By-Law Reform Committees, and was a member of the Competition Rules Ad Hoc Committee which inaugurated the present competition promotion level system.

She has represented the RAPC at the Interclub Competition several times, as well as at other festivals and competitions, has had exhibitions of her images, made presentations, judged competitions and received several awards within the Club. She organized a photographic “Jeopardy” game for the annual banquet, for six years, until it kind of ran out of questions. At present, Barbara has been Chair of the Awards Committee for ten years as well as Club Secretary for ten years. She is a Life Member of the Photo Club.

Ottawa Carleton ChoristersBLOG: When did you first join the club?
BARBARA: I joined the RA Camera Club, as it was then called, in 1982. Since then, this is pretty well where you’ll find me every Tuesday night…

BLOG: When I first joined in 2011, you were pointed out to me by a friend as a powerhouse of the club. Was he right?
BARBARA: [laugh] Well, since I prefer to be “in on the action,” rather than a bystander, I have volunteered all but two years since I first joined.

BLOG: At the executive meetings, which are monthly I believe, what do you talk about?
BARBARA: The executive meetings are usually every six weeks and absolutely every aspect of the club is addressed. Club members have always been welcome to attend executive meetings and all volunteers are invited. However we realized that, in many cases, the voices of the interest groups were not being heard… So, last season, the executive decided to include group leaders as voting members of the executive.

BLOG: How many voting members are there now?
BARBARA: There are now 22 voting members on the Executive Council. Some seasons, members have filled more than one position, however each person has only one vote, regardless of how many executive positions they hold.

BLOG: What are some of the memorable meetings?
BARBARA: The most memorable activities of the Executive would be those that actually changed the club. However major changes usually occur as a result of study by ad hoc committees which then bring proposals back to the Executive for discussion and approval… I’m quite proud that, rather than simply “going with the flow,” our by-laws have been constantly re-examined and updated so that they accurately reflect the Club’s organization. (You can find them on the website.) There was relatively extensive re-organization following a strategic planning session held in April 2005.

BLOG: Hmm, that all seem rather dry. Did the nudity policy discussion, for example, bring a bit of excitement to the executive meetings?
BARBARA: [laugh] The issue certainly provoked a lot of discussion… Coming up with an appropriate policy statement was difficult, but our Chair faced the challenge. Perhaps what initiated the whole thing was the amount of nudity we were seeing from all the enthusiastic new studio members.

I wouldn’t want members to think our executive meetings are always boring… We do have exciting issues, from time to time, but we manage to work things out and the Club keeps rolling along. The fact that we are all volunteers brings a healthy perspective to any disagreements that may arise. Want to know more? You’re all welcome to attend the meetings.
Continue reading