Results of the Nature Competition, September 2014

You know the new season of the RA Photo Club is well underway once the Nature competition has been held and ribbons awarded. In addition to many fine images, the night featured four promotions.

Advancing from the Junior to Intermediate level

Charles Murray
Slide of the night, and first place, on-topic slide: Hopped the Wrong Way (26 points)
Second place, general slide: The Spectator (23 points)

Kenneth Hum
First place, general slide: Open Wide … Say Aweee (24 points)
Second place, on-topic slide: The Landing (25 points)

Celso Bressan
Honourable mention, on-topic slide: A Passage in the Negev (21 points)
Honourable mention, general slide: Early Morning Mist (21 points)

Jaliya Rasaputra
Honourable mention, on-topic slide: Barred Owl (21 points)

First-Place Ribbons

On-topic Slide
Senior, Corry Berghout: Breakfast (24 points)
Senior, Heather Dawe: Bold Gaze (24 points)
Senior, Robert Matyas: Immature Seal (24 points)
Intermediate, Daniel Parent: Sunrise over Algonquin (26 points)

General Slide
Senior, Jamie Johnson: Patagonian Sunrise at Tecka (24 points)
Senior, Robert Matyas: Remnants (24 points)
Senior, Howard Sandler: Orchids Backlit (24 points)
Intermediate, Darren Boucher: Untitled (24 points)
Intermediate, David Burt: Building the Nest (24 points)
Intermediate, Yogadhish Das: Gatineau Fall Colours (24 points)
Intermediate, John Elliott: Long Point Lighthouse by Moonlight (24 points)

On-topic Print
Intermediate, Jerry Lam: Sun and Tree (21 points)
Intermediate, Ian Leslie: Untitled (21 points)

General Print
Intermediate, Mike Howarth: Sunflower (23 points)
Junior, Anna Nitoslawska: Dandelion Seed Head (21 points)

slide of the night

Slide of the Night
Hopped the Wrong Way
Charles Murray

To see larger versions of all the winning images, check out the winners’ gallery.

Judges for the evening were Pierre Gauthier and Bill Young, both accomplished photographers and long-time members of the RA Photo Club.  Our guest judge was Jean-Marie Philippe, president of the Club de photographie polarisé de l’Outaouais.


Jean-Marie Philippe, Pierre Gauthier and Bill Young, judges for the 2014 Nature Competition

During the judging, Bill Young noted that it is important for members to encourage each other. He suggested that when a member likes a particular image (whether or not it was awarded a ribbon), they should share their appreciation with the creator. Not only does that encourage the image maker; the person commenting can potentially learn something about the techniques used and, more importantly, engage in the process of thinking about images critically. Being able to articulate the strengths and weaknesses of another’s photographs can only have beneficial effects upon one’s own photographic work.

A final note about the awarding of ribbons

Newer members are sometimes confused when an obviously worthy image does not receive a ribbon of any kind. It all has to do with the level of the photographer who entered that photo.

Junior- and intermediate-level members must score a minimum of 21 points to receive a ribbon or an honourable mention (only junior-level members are awarded honourable mentions).

Senior-level members must score at least 24 points, and master-level members must score at least 26 points to be awarded a ribbon.

Slide of the Night and Print of the Night awards are given to the highest scoring entry as long as the score is 26 or more.



RA Photo Club Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary


Members and past members of Ottawa’s RA Photo Club will celebrate together at a 75th Anniversary Banquet on Tuesday, November 18th. Tickets go on sale shortly for the event to be held in the Clark Hall at the RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa.

Former club members are especially invited to join current members at the Anniversary banquet. The evening offers ex-members an opportunity to renew old acquaintances and share fond memories of their RA Photo Club experiences.
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RA Photo Club Urban Group Annual Scavenger Hunt: Saturday, September 27, 2014

RA Photo Club Urban Group Annual Scavenger Hunt

Join us for the RA Photo Club Urban Group Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, September 27, 2014. There are no geographical boundaries – the only stipulation is that you make your images on September 27, no matter where in the world you may be on that day. There are no temporal boundaries either: your images can be made any time on September 27.

Ottawa Scavenger Hunt participants are invited to meet for lunch at 2:00 in the Fieldhouse restaurant at the RA Centre. Please sign up for the Hunt using the online registration form  on the Club’s web site, and indicate if you will be joining us for lunch.

The list of Hunt topics will be posted on the Urban Group Forum, on the Meetings page early on September 27.

At a date to be announced shortly, Scavenger Hunt participants will be invited to bring their Hunt shots to a special meeting for all to preview. Please note that this event is open to all members of the RA Photo Club – even nature shooters. <smile/>

Scavenger Hunt image

Blast from the Past: A Scavenger Hunt Image from 2006