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SPARK Photo Festival

The following juried exhibit competition might be of interest to the R.A. Photo Club members.

The SPARK Photo Festival in Peterborough, Ontario has been featuring a themed juried exhibit for six years now. The exhibit theme is meant to challenge photographers to come up with their best work, working within a broad thematic concept.
Details below:

The theme of SPARK’s 2019 Juried Exhibit is Family Life. The theme is an invitation to look both inward and outward to define through your photographs what family life means to you. You take the photograph, SPARK does the rest – expertly print, matt, frame, and exhibit during the month of April at the Peterborough Public Library the 30 best submissions, where over 30,000 visitors will view your work. Open only to photographers living in the Province of Ontario. Professional accredited photo judges. Cash prizes, plaques and certificates. By submitting, all entrants are also eligible for the draw of a photography book (approx value $100) during the awards reception whether selected to exhibit or not. Complete Juried details:


Robert Boudreau
SPARK Photo Festival Director


Competition Topics 2018-19

The competition topics for the Club’s upcoming 2018-2019 season are listed below. These are also on the Club’s website under the Documents, Competitions folder. You must be signed in to the website in order to access the folder.

October “Nature – Slice of Light”
• We will use the CAPA 2008 Nature Competition Rules. These rules will be posted on the website.
• Images of animals in captivity are permitted provided the hand of man is not evident.

November “Playing with Time”
• Your image must incorporate the topic.

January “Multiple Exposure”
• Your image must incorporate multiple exposure, whether in camera or composited in post.

February “Embracing the Sun”
• Your image subject must embrace the topic.

March “Panning”
• Your image must make use of panning.

April “Faces & Figures – Authentic Moment”
• A photographic portrait which is a representation of a living person, especially the face, or a photograph in which the subject, the human body, is the primary interest.
• Entries are limited to POSED photographs of one or more human beings.
• The backgrounds may include statues or paintings of people, providing these are not the primary subject.
• Pet and animal portraits are excluded.
• There are no restrictions on location (indoors or outdoors) nor on lighting (ambient or artificial) however both must be considered and controlled.

The Competitions Committee is looking forward to your submissions and active participation!


2017 Interclub Competition

Thank you to all who participated in the 2017 Interclub Competition!

Congratulations to the following winners from the RA Photo Club:

Elizabeth Kaminska – 3rd  place Assignment Print.

Elizabeth Kaminska – 3rd place Print General

Mary Lee – 2nd place – Assignment

Robert Steklasa – 1st Place General

The topic for INTERCLUB 2018 as announced at the meeting will be:

Fluidity – The quality or state of being fluid, the ability of a substance to flow.

Let’s start thinking and shooting now and let’s have amazing images to showcase the RAPC in 2018.

Submission dates and other info will be available when the club resumes in the fall.

The above photo was one of the winners by Mary Lee.

Post suggested by Freeman Keats.


February 2015: Faces and Figures Competition Results

On-Topic First Place Ribbons – Slides 

(click on the thumbnails to see full-size images)

Junior:   Dave Richard, Playing the Blues
Playing the blues - Dave Richard

Junior:   Greg O’Leary Hardwick, Deep in ThoughtDeep in Thought - Greg O'Leary-Hartwick

Intermediate:  Darren Boucher, Masterpiece
Masterpiece - Darren Boucher

Intermediate: Brian Rouble, Loving Arms
Loving arms - Brian Rouble e


On-Topic First Place Ribbons – Prints 

Intermediate:  Izabel Dabrowski, Aranda
Aranda - Izabel Dabrowski


General First Place Ribbons – Slides 

Junior:  Dave Richard, On Duty
On Duty - Dave Richard

Intermediate:  Lise Presseault, Quiet Moments
Quiet moments. - Lise Presseault

Senior: Daniel Parent, Green-Crowned Brilliant Humming BirdGreen-crowned Brilliant Hummingbird - Daniel Parent

General First Place Ribbons – Prints 

Intermediate:  Mike Howarth, Still Life #43 
Still Life #43 - Mike Howarth


Congratulations to Richard Whitbread, who has been promoted to the Intermediate ranks.


Judges image by Jack Starkings

Judges Harry Turner, Ela Kinowska, Darrell Larose
Judges Harry Turner, Ela Kinowska, Darrell Larose

In his nearly 40 years of teaching at Algonquin college, Harry Turner has taught hundreds of photographers. Now retired from a long and illustrious career as staff photographer at Canada’s National Research Council, Harry continues to teach photography and advanced Photoshop workshops at Algonquin.

Born in Poland, Ela Kinowska immigrated to Canada in 1990. She is an avid photographer whose work is held in public and private collections in many countries. Her photography has a human focus aiming at documenting the challenges of the present, reflecting on the past and bringing hope for the future

A self confessed techno-geek, Darrell Larose is a long-time member of the Camera Club of Ottawa, which granted him Life Membership in 2007. He has been active in photography for over 40 years, shooting in both film and digital formats.


Assignment – 46 slide, 3 print
General – 39 slide, 5 print
Disqualified – 0
Total Entries 93


January 2015 Abstracts Competition Results

January 2015 Abstracts Competition 

As a result of the January competition, there were two promotions: Congratulations to Lise Presseault and Anna Nitoslawska, who both moved up to Intermediate level.

 On-Topic First Place Ribbons – Slides

(click on the thumbnails to see full-size images)

Juniorlena monteiro

My Dream lena monteiro
My Dream, lena monteiro

Intermediate:  Yogadhish Das

Curves, Yogadish Das
Curves, Yogadish Das

Intermediate:  Chak Wong

Shangrila Hotel, Chak Wong
Shangrila Hotel, Chak Wong

Senior:  Gord Weber

Hills, Gord Weber
Hills, Gord Weber

On-Topic First Place Ribbons – Prints

Intermediate:  Andy Fraser

Compressor, Andy  Fraser
Compressor, Andy Fraser

General First Place Ribbons – Slides

Junior:  Tony Hawara

Dried Fish- Macau, China Tony Hawara
Dried Fish- Macau, China Tony Hawara

Intermediate:  Brian Rouble

Sharp Dressed Man, Brian Rouble
Sharp Dressed Man, Brian Rouble

General First Place Ribbons – Prints

Junior:  Anna Nitoslawska

New York Guard Rail, Anna Nitoslawska
New York Guard Rail, Anna Nitoslawska

Intermediate:  Mike Howarth

Serenity, Mike Howarth
Serenity, Mike Howarth


Gilles Vézina, Janice Street, Denis Rul
Gilles Vézina, Janice Street, Denis Rule

The judges for the Abstracts competition were Gilles Vézina, Janice Street, and Denis Rule

Gilles Vézina is the RAPC Vice Chair, and has been a club member since 2003. A CAPA-certified judge, Gilles is an excellent and eclectic photographer, whose images are both imaginative and technically excellent.

Janice Street is passionate about nature photography, but also loves to photograph people and architecture. A long-time member of the Camera Club of Ottawa, Janice has achieved Masterclass standing in the CCO. She has also published the wonderful book Frost on Windows.

Denis Rule is well-known Ottawa-based commercial photographer and videographer with over 35 years of experience. Denis regularly attends international photography seminars both as an instructor and a student to share and learn the latest artistic and technological photographic trends.


On-topic slides     44
On-topic prints        5
General slides        38
General prints           9
Disqualifications     2

Total  entries          96

The judges were very conservative in their marks. On-topic images received an average of 20.1 points, while the average mark for general images was 20.0. The highest mark awarded was 25.


November 2014 Silhouettes Competition Results

November 2014 Silhouettes Competition

The November competition saw two promotions. Congratulations to Jeanne Laux, who has advanced to the Intermediate level, and to Daniel Parent, who has joined the Senior ranks.

Additionally, we had both a Print of the Night and a Slide of the Night!

Way to go, Pierre Gauthier, for your on-topic print Urban Densification, and props to Daniel Parent, for your general slide Getting the Image.

 On-Topic First Place Ribbons – Slides

(click on the thumbnails to see full-size images)

Junior: Jay-Dee Purdie

Sunrise Seagulls
Jay-Dee Purdie – Sunrise Seagulls

Intermediate:  Daniel Parent

Getting the Image
Daniel Parent – Getting the Image

Intermediate: David Burt 

Crossing the U Bein Bridge
David Burt – Crossing the U Bein Bridge

Intermediate: Dina MacLeod

Flying Fish
Dina MacLeod – Flying Fish

Senior: Robert Matyas

Robert Matyas – Sunset

On-Topic First Place Ribbons – Prints

Intermediate: Pierre Gauthier

Urban Densification
Pierre Gauthier – Urban Densification

General First Place Ribbons – Slides

Junior:   Lise Presseault

Lise Pressault – Wheatland

Intermediate:   Daniel Parent

Target in Sight
Daniel Parent – Target in Sight

General First Place Ribbons – Slides

Junior: lena monteiro

The Great Wall
lena monteiro – The Great Wall

Intermediate: Celso Brennan

Stopping By
Celso Brennan – Stopping By

 Breakdown of Entries

On-topic slides     52
On-topic prints       8
General slides        46
General prints        10
Total  entries        116

No disqualifications


Karol Kovacs, J. David Andrews, Ed Shapiro

Our judges for the evening were Karol Kovacs, J. David Andrews and Ed Shapiro.

Karol Kovacs is the Secretary-Treasurer of the RAPC. She has also judged for other Ottawa photo clubs. Karol has a degree in fine art, and a long career as a secondary school art teacher. In addition to her interest in photography, Karol is also a keen gardener.

J. David Andrews is a commercial photographer specializing in natural history, landscape, travel and outdoor recreation themes.  His photographs have been widely published throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.  David has published two photography books, Gatineau Park: An Intimate Portrait and The Forests of Canada.

Ed Shapiro is the owner of the Hintonburg Studio, and has been a professional photographer for over 50 years.  He is a Master Photographer, a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, and holds a degree in Photographic Chemistry and Applied Photography from The Rochester Institute of Photography. Most of his current work is in the field of corporate portraiture and commercial and industrial photography.