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Article about Gordon Parks, Life Magazine Photographer

This post submitted by Rick Strong.

The New York Times, Lens section, has published an article about a new book on Gordon Parks. The article may be something of interest to the Urban Group and perhaps people of a certain age who devoured LIFE magazine regularly! It also has some great Gordon Parks photos.

The article states, “At the beginning of the 1940s, Gordon Parks was a self-taught fashion and portrait photographer documenting daily life in both St. Paul and Chicago. By the end of the decade he was photographing for Life magazine. While his career has been examined closely, both in his own words and by others, this formative decade has attracted less attention than his experiences as the first black staff photographer at Life, and later as a groundbreaking Hollywood filmmaker.

A new book, “Gordon Parks: The New Tide, Early Work 1940-1950,” published by the National Gallery of Art, The Gordon Parks Foundation and Steidl, examines this transformation. It is timed to accompany the exhibit of the same name at the National Gallery from Nov. 4, 2018, to Feb. 18, 2019. The exhibit was curated by Philip Brookman, who is also the book’s author. The book features photographs that have never before been published.”

To read more and to check out the photos, the article can be found here:



Photographing Fall Foliage

This post submitted by Rick Strong.

Although our Fall colours may be covered in a bit of snow, this article from CBS News might still interesting for RAPC landscape photographers:

“Each autumn, as the weather cools and the leaves turn colors, the country lanes and lakes of New England turn into tourist hotspots. Around $3 billion are spent over the course of a typical New England fall, as visitors from all around the world head off in search of the most beautiful yellows and oranges and reds.

Knowing exactly WHERE to go can be a challenge. But it’s an obsession for one colorful character.

Jeff’s last name is really Folger, but he goes by “Jeff Foliage.” And he REALLY loves leaves. “My niche in life is the fall colors,” he told Conor Knighton. “It’s such a little present. It’s like Christmas for me. And I love unwrapping my presents! And I’m running around New England finding all these wonderful colors out here.””

At the end of the article there are some links that might be inspirational for photographers. Mr. Folger’s links to find covered bridges and other scenic spots are intriguing.

The full article can be found here:



The old-world charm of India’s portrait studios

RAPC blog readers, particularly studio group members, might be interested in this photo story about India’s portrait studios on the BBC website.

In 2014, Ketaki Sheth, an award-winning Indian photographer, began shooting portraits of visitors to the Jagdish Photo Studio in Manori, a coastal village in the western state of Maharashtra.

She says she stumbled across it – “wedged between a hardware store and a grain depot” – by chance. “I poked my head in and saw a bright blue stool against a diaphanous cascading red backdrop,” she told the BBC by email. “That was it. I was hooked.”

To read more, visit the BBC website at:

This post was submitted by Rick Strong.


Richard Martin Workshop Vision and Discovery: Explore Your Creative Spirit

By Nelly Almeida-Long


I recently participated in a Richard Martin workshop held in Ottawa. The workshop was such a great experience! We went to places that you would normally go to when in a new city, but took pictures that were out side the norm. Richard pointed out things that were not visible to most of us and the experience was so eye opening. We were all walking around looking up at the ceiling, looking for lines, curves and splashes of colour for details that most people just walk by.



Richard was a great teacher with lots of patience and such a willingness to share his knowledge and vision with us. I highly recommend his workshops for anyone who would like to try something new and get out of their comfort zone. I don’t think any of us will ever be able to walk into a museum and not look up to see what kind of creations can be made…fun was had by all!

I look forward to “seeing” the possibilities all around me as I explore my city with new eyes.



Anna’s Fundraising Project

Anna Nitoslawska, a photo club member, initiated this project that raised 3.500$ to sponsor a Syrian refugee family. Anna generously donated 35 of her prints for this fundraising event and a total of 22 artists donated a total of 90 pieces of artwork.

Here is the first page of the magazine:

More information on the Riverview Park Review magazine.

N.B.: You will have to retrieve the February-2018 (in the Archives) issue of the magazine to read this article, if no longer available as the current issue.

This article was suggested by Lise Presseault.



Photo Shows in the Ottawa Area – December 2015

New Listings

Oh so Good Desserts, 201 Richmond Rd.

1 November – 8 January
Yannick Beauvalet, Doris Pavelich, Peter Warser, Janet Capling, Ross Rheame, Stephen Thorne, Bruno Schlumberger, Mike Vuckovic.

Different Visions

SPAO, Red Wall Gallery, 168 Dalhousie
To mid December: Op Ed,work by Second Year Students.
12 December, 1-6 pm, Print Sale by SPAO Students

Shows Continuing from Previous Months

This is Now: Additions to the City of Ottawa Art Collection

This year’s accessions feature the work of many photographers, including some from the RA Photo Club like Glenn Bloodworth, Abigail Gossage and Freeman Keats, at 3 galleries:

Trinity Gallery, Shenkman Centre, 28 November – 4 January
Atrium Gallery, Ben Franklin Place, 1 December – 5 January
Karsh Masson Gallery, City Hall, 10 December – 17 January

Check here for the specifics including times of opening receptions.

Opening remarks by Mayor Watson at the City Hall Reception: Thursday, Dec. 17, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Check the web site for specifics including times of other opening receptions.

Performing History, Performing Heritage – Photos of the E B Eddy Complex

Carleton University Patterson Hall, 4th Floor (lobby of the History Department)
3 November – 15 December
Andrea Cordonier, Kim Elliott, Paul Harrison, Raymond Masse, Caje Rodriguez, Bill Woodley & others
Opening reception 3 November 6:30 pm

Disturbance: 6 Views of our Contemporary Landscape
Exposure Gallery, 1255 Wellington West (above Thyme & Again)

5 November – 30 December
Studio Zone V: Glenn Bloodworth, Freeman Keats, William McCloskey, Maureen Murphy, Richard Perron, Richard Robesco.

Vistek Gallery, 499 Bank St.

From 6 November
works by 6 SPAO students who have received the 2015 Canadian Applied Arts Award

Beautiful Destruction

Louis Helbig (last public appearance before moving to Australia)
public talk about Beautiful Destruction
University of Ottawa Hamelin Hall, 70 Laurier East.
19 November 7-9:30pm
For more information, check here.

The Unfinished Revolution
A Photo Exhibit by Samer Muscati

For more than five years, Human Rights Watch researcher Samer Muscati has been documenting some of humanity’s darkest acts, focusing his attention on the violation of the rights of women and girls around the world. Increasingly, he has explored photography’s capacity to expand our understanding of the plight and perseverance of others.

Gathering the testimony of his subjects is often harrowing, and Muscati has found the medium invaluable in processing his experience, and connecting with his subjects. This exhibition pulls together the highs and lows Muscati has borne witness to, offering a moving account of the shifting fates of women and girls in a period of profound global transition.

Opening Night Reception: Wednesday, November 4 | 5-7 PM
RSVP to Danielle Foster at or 416-322-8448 by Friday, October 30, 2015.
University of Ottawa, Desmarais Building, Room 12102
55 Laurier Avenue East

Photography exhibition runs from Nov. 5, 2015 to Jan. 29, 2016
Human Rights Research and Education Centre, University of Ottawa
Fauteux Hall, Room 570 | 57 Louis Pasteur

Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year

Canadian Museum of Nature, 240 McLeod
Until 20 March 2016
For more information, visit here.

Toronto Area

For those of you planning a visit to Toronto, consider stopping at the Art Gallery of Ontario which is holding the AGO Year of Photography. The first shows are Anne Collier, 23 September – 10 January, as well the 4 finalists for the AIMIA photography prize, until January 2016.

Opening in March 2016 is a major show:
Outsiders – American Photography & Film 1950s – 1980s.

If you would like to ensure your upcoming photo show is included here, please advise Bill Woodley at

Post redacted by Bill Woodley.