RA Photo Club Member, Yi Cui, wins Bronze in the 2019 TIPF International Photography Contest!

A huge congratulations to Yi Cui for his image “Heavenly Horse Running in Kalajun Prairie in Xinjiang”, which won the Bronze medal in the theme “China”!!

Heavenly Horse Running in Kalajun Prairie in Xinjiang – by Yi Cui

The 2019 contest received support, participation and contribution from 65 art institutions and organizations, and tens of thousands of photographers and image lovers. After three months of collection, sorting and primary selection, 4176 images from 22 organizations around the world entered the final evaluation stage in the Fall. Yi submitted his photo through the F64 Travel Photography Club.

The jury was composed of eight experienced senior judges from CAPA. Rod Trider, who has served as the leader and consultant of the judging team three consecutive times, highly praised the overall level of submissions. After much deliberation, the jury elected 78 awards, including 12 Gold Awards (1 for each category), Silver Awards (1 for each), Bronze Awards (1 for each), Best Awards (1 for each), Honorable Mention Awards (288), and Finalist Awards (871). 

The competition had a large number of participants, including well-known photographers and online celebrity photographers.  Amongst these very talented participants, Yi’s beautiful image of the running horses received a medal – well done, Yi, we are very proud of your accomplishment!

Yi will be attending the award ceremony in Toronto on December 8, 2019. 

For more information on the competition, please check out the TIPF website: https://tipf.ca/the-results-of-the-international-photography-competition-of-the-2019-toronto-international-photography-festival/

Yi Cui

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