Adobe Lightroom October 2018 New Versions

By Reda Sedki

Recently, I had a few discussions with my photo friends and club members about the recent announcements of Adobe during their MAX conference in Los Angeles in October 2018. Adobe made major changes and upgrades in their Photography Plan that we pay a monthly subscription fee to use, for Photoshop and Lightroom.

The upgrades to Photoshop and Lightroom Classic also included a new version of Lightroom CC. The upgrades introduced a major upgrade in “Camera Raw” software, the engine for both of these two principal photo post processing softwares. Adobe also included  several mobile Apps for phones and tablets in the Photo Plan.

Our discussions centered on the use of the new Lightroom CC 2018, Version 2, that was created to be used on desktops, mobile phones and tablets. Some were not aware of the upgrade, some hesitated to install it out of caution, and others had installed it and are using the Classic version but not the not Lightroom CC 2018.

Personally, I installed the updated version of LR 2018 and PS 2019 on my desktop, my Android telephone and my Android tablet. I am currently enjoying the new features of the upgrade. After a few weeks  of use I can state my personal opinions of my experience:

* Features on all devices include importing; global and local editing; creating albums (Collections); capturing photos and sharing them on the web; and creating your website.

* LR CC editing tools are available and almost identical on all the devices. I am currently using LR CC much more than the LR Classic. The editing controls are easier to use. The control sliders are sensitive and its effect is immediately viewed on the screen. I edit full versions of RAW photos on any of my devices and it is automatically synchronized to all of the devices without any problems.

* Library recognizes people and other content in your photos and then applies searchable keywords automatically. It is magic.

* Images are auto backed up to the cloud up to 20 GB and up to one Terabyte as part of the plan (for extra cost}.

I have not yet tried the new Photoshop 2019 or some of the free mobile apps that complement Lightroom. I am currently seriously engaged in preparing for the Education Committee two session workshop. The workshop will include detailed presentation, workflow, use and comparison of the different versions of Lightroom. The workshop is mainly oriented to new and intermediate users of Lightroom.

I also recommend to my friends who are hesitant to try and experience the more advanced, easy-to-use new versions that you are currently paying for. You can also come and join our first session of the workshop on November 17.


Tom Schatzky’s Celebration of Life


May 17, 1939 – October 11, 2018

Tom Schatzky, a long time RAPC member, died peacefully in Ottawa on October 11th, 2018 in his 80th year from pancreatic cancer. He was born in London, England at the onset of World War II. His childhood was spent in Church Stretton and Norwich before the family moved to Toronto in 1953.

As a proud Canadian, his adventurous spirit took him to many corners of the world. Tom always had a profound sense of the injustice of the underdog and supported their needs throughout his life.

A lifelong love of choral singing (a member of six choirs), Tom’s other hobbies included photography and outdoor adventures in the Canadian wilderness. He used his irreverent sense of humour and his witty puns to break down barriers and build bridges with strangers and friends around the world. Tom will be missed by many.

Donations in Tom’s memory may be made to organizations which supports refugees and immigrants to Canada.

An informal drop-in reception to celebrate Tom’s life will be held on Sunday, October 21st in Ottawa at the Orange Art Gallery at 290 City Centre Avenue between 4pm-6pm.

This post is edited from an obituary published in the:   page1image24736
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Education Committee 2018/2019 Seminars & Workshops

The Education Committee has scheduled a number of seminars and workshops for the 2018 / 2019 period.  Members can sign up for these by clicking on the Events tab on the RA Photo Club website.  The following sessions are being offered over the next few months:

October 17 – Buying Used Photography Equipment – Tips and tricks to getting some great deals on the internet and at brick & mortar photography stores.

November 7 – Setting Up Your Digital Darkroom – Understanding the equipment, tools and setup that you need to process your digital images.

November 15 – Lightroom Interface and Develop Module – An introductory workshop on using this popular tool to edit your images.

December 6 – Lightroom Develop Module – A deeper dive into the Lightroom Develop Module using more advanced tools and techniques.

January 23 – Techniques & Tools – Making Selections in Photoshop – a look at some of the tools that Photoshop offers to make selections that can be applied to layer masks.

February 27 – Techniques & Tools – Using Photoshop Smart Objects and Smart Filters – using this tool as part of a non-destructive workflow that allows far more flexibility that direct edits to an image file.

More workshops and seminars are under development and will be announced as they are finalized.

Post submitted by Manfred Mueller.


Laura Nel’s Celebration of Life

Written by Jim Robertson, with photos from Edwin Lee

Laura Nel, a long time RAPC member died at 83 years old on September 16, 2018  Eleven current and former RAPC members attended Laura Nel’s “Celebration of Life” on Saturday, September 22 (see attached photos). Several other members were unable to attend due to the effects of Friday evening’s tornado.

The attendees shared memories with Laura’s family and friends at the Celebration held in Courtside B at the RA Centre. Laura’s gentle, non-judgmental, always helpful nature came through in all the sharing. Along with the many spoken memories was an extensive collection of Laura’s photography. Large and small prints, as well as four of the excellent AV shows she created while an active member of RAPC, were on display.

Memories of Laura inviting RAPC members to photograph local birds at her home, and her travels with other RAPC members to China and Africa, brought smiles to many faces.