Competition Information

The Club holds competitions throughout the year.  Competitions leaders organize the receipt, presentation and return of entries, arrange for contest judges, and supervise judging. 

Competition rules may be found here.  

Image Size Requirements

Image Size: 1920W x 1080H pixels .
File Size: 3.2 Mb maximum
Colour Space: sRGB If you use Adobe RGB instead, your images will likely look washed out.

Standard test image

The Club uses this image to help ensure correct projector adjustment. If you can see all of the whites and all of the blacks in this image and it looks good on your monitor, then your images should look good when projected with the Club projector.



Competitions Committee

Competitions Coordinator-Manfred Mueller
Competitions Coordinator
Manfred Mueller
Competitions Assistant-Glenn Bloodworth
Competitions Assistant
Glenn Bloodworth
Competitions Assistant (Judges)-Elaine Hum-Sim
Competitions Assistant (Judges)
Elaine Hum-Sim
Digital System Support-John Elliott
Digital System Support
John Elliott
Competitions CAPA Liaison-Manfred Mueller
Competitions CAPA Liaison
Manfred Mueller



The Education Team develops and runs presentations, seminars, and workshops with the intent of informing and inspiring Club members to develop their photography skills. The aim is to provide access to a wide variety of learning opportunities from beginner to advanced level photographers. In recent years topics have ranged from essential photography skills, such as exposure and focusing, to specialized tools and techniques, such as astrophotography, post-processing workflow, or lighting a still life.

Club members can check the Event Sign-up page (click here).   Upcoming presentations, seminars, and workshops are also announced at the regular Tuesday evening meetings. 

Usually, the presentations and workshops are delivered by club member volunteers who have specific areas of photographic expertise; sometimes external presenters are invited to share their knowledge. For most presentations and workshops, no fees are charged except in cases where there needs to be cost recovery for materials, such as a workshop on mat cutting, for example. Most presentations, seminars, and workshops run for an hour or two, with some extending to a half day or whole day events. There is usually at least one presentation, seminar, or workshop each month from October to May.




Education Team

Education Coordinator-Ross Laing
Education Coordinator
Ross Laing
Instructor-Manfred Mueller
Manfred Mueller
Instructor-Reda Sedki
Reda Sedki
Instructor-Robert Laramée
Robert Laramée
Instructor-Brian Mazur
Brian Mazur
Instructor-Bill Woodley
Bill Woodley


The Social Team acts as a welcoming committee to Club members and visitors at the regular Tuesday meetings.  They organize occasional flea markets throughout the  year.

The team also organizes two major events: the Christmas Party and the Annual Awards Banquet.

The Christmas Party is an informal, fun evening which includes door prizes, “humour” and “best shot” competitions.

The Annual Awards Banquet is held at the end of the regular Club season in May.  It includes the presentation of both photographic and volunteer awards, and some fun activities. 




Social Committee

Social Coordinator-Beverley Dawson
Social Coordinator
Beverley Dawson
Social Assistant-Elaine Hum-Sim
Social Assistant
Elaine Hum-Sim
Social Assistant-Andrea Schlecht
Social Assistant
Andrea Schlecht

Tuesday Program

The Tuesday Program Team designs the content and arranges for the presenters at the Club’s weekly Tuesday evening program sessions.


Planning for next season generally starts in late spring with a discussion on appropriate subject balance, identifying potential speakers and striving for a balance between external speakers, member presentations and regular features such as Competitions, Inter-Club evenings, and special Showcases.


Once a draft Program Calendar has been developed, individual Team members take the lead on contacting external speakers or coordinating member presentations. The Team generally meets about three or four times a year. Much of its work is done through email exchanges between meetings.


Club members are encouraged to provide suggestions for topics and speakers to the Team at any time of the year.



Recurring Program Team

Recurring Program Team Rep-Bill McCloskey
Recurring Program Team Rep
Bill McCloskey
Recurring Program Assistant-Glenn Bloodworth
Recurring Program Assistant
Glenn Bloodworth
Recurring Program Assistant-Anna Nitoslawska
Recurring Program Assistant
Anna Nitoslawska
Recurring Program Assistant-Lise Presseault
Recurring Program Assistant
Lise Presseault
Recurring Program Assistant-Andrew Fraser
Recurring Program Assistant
Andrew Fraser
Recurring Program Assistant-Maureen Murphy
Recurring Program Assistant
Maureen Murphy
Recurring Program Assistant-Abigail Gossage
Recurring Program Assistant
Abigail Gossage
Recurring Program Assistant-Mark Guzewski
Recurring Program Assistant
Mark Guzewski
Recurring Program Assistant-Robert Matyas
Recurring Program Assistant
Robert Matyas
Recurring Program Assistant-Wilfred Oberthier
Recurring Program Assistant
Wilfred Oberthier
Recurring Program Assistant-Ann Westell
Recurring Program Assistant
Ann Westell
Monthly Showcase Coordinator-Mike MacKay
Monthly Showcase Coordinator
Mike MacKay
Digital System Support-John Elliott
Digital System Support
John Elliott