Special Interest Groups

Audio Visual Group

The AV Group offers opportunities to learn how to create AV productions.  It is responsible for the promotion of audio-visual techniques, skills, resources as well as presentations by Club members.  The AV Group meets throughout the year.


Audio Visual Group - Leaders 2022 - 2023

Audio Visual Group Leader-Position Vacant
Audio Visual Group Leader
Position Vacant
AV Group Assistant-Jamie Johnson
AV Group Assistant
Jamie Johnson
AV Group Assistant-Kathleen Hunter
AV Group Assistant
Kathleen Hunter
AV Group Assistant-Ed Overstreet
AV Group Assistant
Ed Overstreet
AV Group Assistant-Robert Macdonald
AV Group Assistant
Robert Macdonald

Feedback Group

The Feedback Group meets the first Wednesday of the month from September to May at 7:00 p.m. to give photographers an opportunity for informal feedback on each other’s work. Whatever one’s level of photographic skill, everyone can benefit from feedback and advice on how to improve images. New members are particularly welcome to take part.

Participants Upload a selection of their digital slides to show to the group, and to invite comments. The participant uploads the ORIGINAL picture (SOOC – Straight out of Camera) as well as the FINAL image post processing.

You will need to send the pictures using a website called to my email:

Please send the pictures at least 24 hours before the meeting time.

During the Feedback meeting, group members respond by highlighting what they like about an image, and to suggest ways in which the image might be improved, or another direction they would have taken in processing the image.

The aim is to help each other develop an eye for what makes an attractive, compelling image, regardless of subject matter or medium.

Feedback is always given in a sensitive and supportive manner and provides an excellent opportunity for learning how others view your work.

For sign up and further instructions please see the club calendar.

What do you like? What would you change?


Light: Colour, quantity, quality, direction, temperature

Focus: Sharpness, appropriate depth of field

Exposure: Appropriate exposure

Colours: Appropriate colours

Cleanliness: Free of scratches and dust


Purpose: A strong centre of interest, pattern, or design

Balance: Position with the frame, use of negative space

Logic: Arrangement of the elements supports the purpose

Clarity: Simple and complete without distracting elements

Creative: Familiar subject in an unusual way


Dynamic: Wow factor

Provocative: Excites imagination or strong emotion

Unusual: An unusual subject or an unusual approach


Photo Feedback - Leaders 2022 - 2023

Photo Feedback Group Leader-Sami Kandalaft
Photo Feedback Group Leader
Sami Kandalaft

Fine Art Group

The Fine Art Group meets about once a month from October to April.

The Fine Art Photography Group is focused on the operation and promotion of photography as one of the fine arts, education of members in this genre of photography, and the advancement of fine art photography opportunities for RAPC members, as well as the promotion and expansion of related fine art photography techniques and skills. Attendance at the Fine Art Photography Group sessions is open to all RAPC members.

There are no special registration procedures or mailing notifications.

As they are scheduled, notices of Group meetings and events are posted on the club calendar and sent to all RAPC members via the "rapc-announce" e-mail list.


Fine Art Photography - Leaders 2022 - 2023

Fine Art Photography Leader-Maureen Murphy
Fine Art Photography Leader
Maureen Murphy
Fine Art Group Assistant-Glenn Bloodworth
Fine Art Group Assistant
Glenn Bloodworth

Life, Faces & Figures Group

The Life, Faces and Figures Group aims to support the club members who are interested in any of the broad range of types of photographs with controlled lighting.   Much activity revolves around photographing people.  The Club's Studio is also used for still life (e.g. product style images and macro work) as well as small family pets.

Photo-shoots and workshops covering a variety of the ways of photographing people are scheduled throughout the year, some aimed at basic skill development, others aimed at providing creative opportunities.  Club members will have the opportunity to work with models where the human form is the central focus.  Suggestions for activities are welcome.  

There will be a charge for most workshops and photo-shoots, to cover the costs for models and make-up.  Information regarding workshops and photo-shoots is circulated to all members using the RAPC announce email list.

A Note About the Studio

The RA Photoclub has its own studio. Details of the facilities and rules for its use are explained on the Studio Page.


Life, Face & Figure - Leaders 2022 - 2023

Life, Face & Figure Group Leader-Mike MacKay
Life, Face & Figure Group Leader
Mike MacKay
Life, Face & Figure Assistant-Wilfred Oberthier
Life, Face & Figure Assistant
Wilfred Oberthier

Nature Group

All Club members are welcome to participate in Nature outings.

The Leader and Assistants announce outings throughout the year.  In the past these outings included such places as Mud Lake, Gatineau Park, Snow Geese pursuits, and many more!

    Outings for the 2022-23 season are being finalized.  Please watch the Events Sign-up page for announcements and information on meeting locations, timings, etc.  As well, outings will be announced at the start of the weekly Club meetings and all members will be notified via the Club's email system.


    Nature - Leaders 2022 - 2023

    Nature Group Leader-Roger Miller
    Nature Group Leader
    Roger Miller
    Assistant-Pierre Gauthier
    Pierre Gauthier
    Assistant-Lee Ann Starzynski
    Lee Ann Starzynski
    Assistant-Daniel Parent
    Daniel Parent

    Urban Group

    The Urban Group is a special interest group of the Club focused on shooting "people in their environment" and "urban landscapes". Environmental shooting includes street photography, people at events, or people in their work or play setting. Urban Landscape photography involves looking for the photographic possibilities in the cities and urban areas where we live and work. The group organizes regular outings, presentations and showcases.

    The Event and Program calendar shows the scheduled outings. 


    Urban Group - Leaders 2022 - 2023

    Urban Group Leader-Position Vacant
    Urban Group Leader
    Position Vacant
    Urban Group Assistant-Abigail Gossage
    Urban Group Assistant
    Abigail Gossage
    Urban Group Assistant-Glenn Bloodworth
    Urban Group Assistant
    Glenn Bloodworth
    Urban Group Assistant-Hughes St-Pierre
    Urban Group Assistant
    Hughes St-Pierre
    Urban Group Assistant-Jeanne Laux
    Urban Group Assistant
    Jeanne Laux
    Urban Group Assistant-Michael Ricco
    Urban Group Assistant
    Michael Ricco

    Still Life Group

    The Still Life Group provides members interested in still life photography an opportunity to exchange ideas and techniques.


    Still Life - Leaders 2022 - 2023

    Still Life Group Leader-Allan B Cameron
    Still Life Group Leader
    Allan B Cameron
    Still Life Group Assistant-Glenn Bloodworth
    Still Life Group Assistant
    Glenn Bloodworth
    Still Life Group Assistant-Manfred Mueller
    Still Life Group Assistant
    Manfred Mueller
    Still Life Group Assistant-Maureen Murphy
    Still Life Group Assistant
    Maureen Murphy