November 2014 Silhouettes Competition Results

November 2014 Silhouettes Competition

The November competition saw two promotions. Congratulations to Jeanne Laux, who has advanced to the Intermediate level, and to Daniel Parent, who has joined the Senior ranks.

Additionally, we had both a Print of the Night and a Slide of the Night!

Way to go, Pierre Gauthier, for your on-topic print Urban Densification, and props to Daniel Parent, for your general slide Getting the Image.

 On-Topic First Place Ribbons – Slides

(click on the thumbnails to see full-size images)

Junior: Jay-Dee Purdie

Sunrise Seagulls
Jay-Dee Purdie – Sunrise Seagulls

Intermediate:  Daniel Parent

Getting the Image
Daniel Parent – Getting the Image

Intermediate: David Burt 

Crossing the U Bein Bridge
David Burt – Crossing the U Bein Bridge

Intermediate: Dina MacLeod

Flying Fish
Dina MacLeod – Flying Fish

Senior: Robert Matyas

Robert Matyas – Sunset

On-Topic First Place Ribbons – Prints

Intermediate: Pierre Gauthier

Urban Densification
Pierre Gauthier – Urban Densification

General First Place Ribbons – Slides

Junior:   Lise Presseault

Lise Pressault – Wheatland

Intermediate:   Daniel Parent

Target in Sight
Daniel Parent – Target in Sight

General First Place Ribbons – Slides

Junior: lena monteiro

The Great Wall
lena monteiro – The Great Wall

Intermediate: Celso Brennan

Stopping By
Celso Brennan – Stopping By

 Breakdown of Entries

On-topic slides     52
On-topic prints       8
General slides        46
General prints        10
Total  entries        116

No disqualifications


Karol Kovacs, J. David Andrews, Ed Shapiro

Our judges for the evening were Karol Kovacs, J. David Andrews and Ed Shapiro.

Karol Kovacs is the Secretary-Treasurer of the RAPC. She has also judged for other Ottawa photo clubs. Karol has a degree in fine art, and a long career as a secondary school art teacher. In addition to her interest in photography, Karol is also a keen gardener.

J. David Andrews is a commercial photographer specializing in natural history, landscape, travel and outdoor recreation themes.  His photographs have been widely published throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.  David has published two photography books, Gatineau Park: An Intimate Portrait and The Forests of Canada.

Ed Shapiro is the owner of the Hintonburg Studio, and has been a professional photographer for over 50 years.  He is a Master Photographer, a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, and holds a degree in Photographic Chemistry and Applied Photography from The Rochester Institute of Photography. Most of his current work is in the field of corporate portraiture and commercial and industrial photography.


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