Thank you, Volunteers!

Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who kept the Club going during the 2020/2021 season! We were able to have an excellent year despite the unique challenges we faced!

2020-21 Outstanding Contributions and Alice Gillies Awards

The Awards Committee solicited nominations for these two awards. RAPC members in their first five years of membership qualify for the Outstanding Contributions award; after five years they qualify for the Alice Gillies award. Each award can only be won once. In total, there were 16 nominations. Several people were nominated more than once. Nine nominees had previously won the Awards for which they were eligible.

Wilf Oberthier is the Alice Gillies winner for 2020-2021. Wilf has contributed to the Club as Club Chair; Co-Chair of the Life, Faces and Figures Group; Program Committee Assistant; Workshop creator and presenter (Creativity, Photo Techniques, Scavenger Hunt, New Member Package); he has judged numerous competitions; served as Digital Resources Assistant and as Studio Manager.

There were two winners of the Outstanding Contributions Award: Danielle Labonté and Kipper Treverrow.

Danielle was a member of the Program Committee this year and one of the first to facilitate an online Tuesday night program evening this season. She led one of the first evenings with Jackie Kramer on Artistic Floral Photography. As a SPAO member, Danielle provided a direct link to a group of second year students, some of these students presented at program evenings.

Kipper has only been a member of the Club since 2018 and has been an active and enthusiastic contributor to the New Members Group. People who nominated him appreciated that he made new members feel welcome.

Special Mentions

There were many other volunteers who contributed to the success of the Club this past year. Special thank you goes to:


One of the first areas of impact on the Club were Mario’s weekly challenges on the RAPC Facebook page. This kept members engaged while plans were being made to keep the club operating. A year later, this continues to be an activity that people are engaged with. The weekly assignments have attracted non-RAPC members to the Facebook page and some of them have joined the club over the past year, as a result.

Mario also organized Urban group outings during the periods when these were permitted under provincial lockdown rules.


The technology platforms and IT infrastructure that enable the online activities had been set up and managed by John. Technical issues were investigated and mitigated through John’s hard work and technical knowledge. He has supported the user community and helped presenters prepare for online, remote presentations using the Big Blue Button platform.

The Club website was extensively reworked to allow for image submissions for club activities and display. John set up a platform for online judging and for presenting the results of the individual competitions. He also spent considerable time coaching the judges on how to use the platform for judging and, occasionally, for presenting the results to members.


Rick worked with RA staff and some Executive members to develop the Return-to-Play (RTP) document that allowed for in-person activities for RAPC members. This document was then split from the main RAPC RTP document and re-worked to cover the specific needs of using the Studio.

The Studio itself was reopened during periods where this was permitted by the province. As the Studio is the second largest source of income to the RAPC (Studio membership fees as well as Studio rental fees), it is vital to have the Studio operate in order to generate Club income.


The Feedback Group has been operating monthly since September 2020. It is one of the few special interest groups that has been operating regularly throughout the shutdown period.

Sami worked with John Elliott to revamp the Feedback Group to working online. When this uptake did not get the level of engagement the Club was looking for, the Feedback Group was revamped again and has a core group that is attending monthly virtual feedback sessions.


Both the monthly slide showcases and the summer meetings are coordinated and run by Mike. The Club used the summer meetings to develop and test various remote content delivery platforms and delivery models so that the Club was able to run a full weekly program starting in September 2020. Without Mike’s work in promoting and coordinating the summer meetings, it would have been impossible to determine what was and was not feasible. We should also recognize that Mike manages the RAPC Facebook page and MeetUp site.


Roger was instrumental in doing the research and testing to determine the most appropriate platform for running online club meetings. While there are any number of alternatives for pushing out content, very few can meet the Club’s requirements and not cost anything.

Roger was getting ready to organize Nature Group outings before the current provincial lockdown made that impossible to do currently. The Club will be in a good position to resume outings once the current lockdown has been lifted.


The weekly meetings are the main activities that tie the Club together. They are also the most expensive single activities to run, as presenters do receive honoraria and, in the case of presenters who are not local, reimbursement of some travel expenses. Council gave Anna what seemed to be an impossible task, pulling together a program for the year with any funds to do so. In spite of these constraints, the Program Committee has delivered an outstanding program this year, with local, national and international presenters, generally pulling in 80-90+ members at the weekly virtual meetings.


The monthly competitions are an important fixture at the RAPC. The shutdown required a significant retooling and rethink of how competitions would be run and how results would be presented to Club members. The Club went from live judging to online judging using a new platform. We continued to see a significant number of entries with outstanding work by the members. The residual comments left by the judges, which are presented at the meetings, are invaluable in letting participants and Club members learn from the judges’ comments. Geri also spent considerable time, along with John Elliott, acquainting the judges with the platform for online judging and presentation of results.

The 2020-21 Awards Committee (Norman Smith, Bill McCloskey, Bob Macdonald, Manfred Mueller and Lise Presseault) thank all those who took the time to nominate a club volunteer, as well the nominees and other volunteers who have contributed so much to the Club this past year.


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