VOLUNTEER21 By Barbara Lapointe

At the Annual Banquet on May 21st, awards were presented to three members who had contributed their services to the Club.


Paul Bertelmann has been a member since 2007. For the past four years, he has helped with the Nature Group, leading 2-3 outings a year. Paul has also led a macro workshop for the past two years. Members have praised the quality of his leadership at the Nature Group outings.

Myke Geiger joined the Photo Club in 2010. He didn’t hesitate to get involved, as he has been co- leader of the Feedback Group for the past two years. He has also assisted as system operator for the Competitions Committee. Myke helped get the Digital Gallery up and running last year and contributed to the design of the website. Myke is extremely enthusiastic about the Feedback Group. He makes the meetings fun to attend, as well as educational, by encouraging constructive feedback.


Winner of this year’s Alice Gillies award is Robert Laramée. Robert has been a member for a total of twenty years, with a bit of a break in the middle. As Chair of the Competitions Committee, Robert was on the Executive for two and a half years. He has also been a Competitions Committee Assistant for five years. Robert helped organize the Photo Techniques Workshop and then instructed on it for five years. He was also an instructor on the Photoshop Workshop in 2011 as well as on the Tabletop Workshop for two years.

Robert was the Listmaster for one year and has been Membership List Coordinator (and gatherer of statistics) for the past six years. He has assisted on the Program Committee for four years, and was Darkroom Manager for two years, in his earlier years of membership in the club. Robert has been a competition judge and has made four presentations to the Club.

Some members’ comments are: “What he does as Membership List Coordinator, is pretty invisible to the membership but it’s an important task he diligently performs” ; “Robert has made a significant contribution to the Club during the many years that he has been a member, for which he has never been recognized”.


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