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Village, Cumalikizik, Turkey by Tony Hawara

Longtime RAPC member and current Nature Group leader, Pierre Gauthier,  apparently feels strongly about the judging of the Textures Competition, which took place on October 28. Hoping for more dialogue on the matter, Pierre asks the RAPC Blog to reproduce the comments that he had made on the Forum:

I think that the quality of judging was very uneven. I overheard that there were many instances when there were differences of 4 or more points. This should be taken by the competition Committee as a sign that there is an obvious bias on the part of some judges and it should  be addressed by the committee giving further direction to the judges.

Some obvious texture images were called patterns, and vice-versa. In my opinion the topic definition was good and clear. Some of the judges were to set in their opinion of how such a theme should be lit to create a texture. We are, as creative photographers, not following someone’s preconceived notions on how a theme should be lit or composed. The image maker has the prerogative of choosing how he or she wishes to render the theme and a judge should be open minded enough to accept a multiplicity of approaches. The judges role is to assess the strengths and possible ways of improving an image, if that is the direction the creator of the image wants to move.

The proper evaluation of an image is to find the qualities of the various components of an image and to discern how they work together as an expressive and significant whole. When this is done it is possible to propose possible options that might have improved the image if that is the direction of the creators intent.  

In my opinion the scoring of this competition was punitive and a corrective compensation should be applied. This is a rather simple statistical operation to do. It also can be applied at any time after a proper review and evaluation of the judging is done by the competitions committee.

Pierre R Gauthier



  1. Like many competitions with a theme I often hear some comment or remark that has to do with how well the theme was represented. Yet nowhere in the judging guidelines is there any allowance for such an opinion. I can see an item being disqualified if the judges feel the entry is not in line with the requested subject matter. Once it is allowed to stand then the WOW factor, technical merits and composition should govern the score.


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