February 2015: Faces and Figures Competition Results

On-Topic First Place Ribbons – Slides 

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Junior:   Dave Richard, Playing the Blues
Playing the blues - Dave Richard

Junior:   Greg O’Leary Hardwick, Deep in ThoughtDeep in Thought - Greg O'Leary-Hartwick

Intermediate:  Darren Boucher, Masterpiece
Masterpiece - Darren Boucher

Intermediate: Brian Rouble, Loving Arms
Loving arms - Brian Rouble e


On-Topic First Place Ribbons – Prints 

Intermediate:  Izabel Dabrowski, Aranda
Aranda - Izabel Dabrowski


General First Place Ribbons – Slides 

Junior:  Dave Richard, On Duty
On Duty - Dave Richard

Intermediate:  Lise Presseault, Quiet Moments
Quiet moments. - Lise Presseault

Senior: Daniel Parent, Green-Crowned Brilliant Humming BirdGreen-crowned Brilliant Hummingbird - Daniel Parent

General First Place Ribbons – Prints 

Intermediate:  Mike Howarth, Still Life #43 
Still Life #43 - Mike Howarth


Congratulations to Richard Whitbread, who has been promoted to the Intermediate ranks.


Judges image by Jack Starkings

Judges Harry Turner, Ela Kinowska, Darrell Larose
Judges Harry Turner, Ela Kinowska, Darrell Larose

In his nearly 40 years of teaching at Algonquin college, Harry Turner has taught hundreds of photographers. Now retired from a long and illustrious career as staff photographer at Canada’s National Research Council, Harry continues to teach photography and advanced Photoshop workshops at Algonquin.

Born in Poland, Ela Kinowska immigrated to Canada in 1990. She is an avid photographer whose work is held in public and private collections in many countries. Her photography has a human focus aiming at documenting the challenges of the present, reflecting on the past and bringing hope for the future

A self confessed techno-geek, Darrell Larose is a long-time member of the Camera Club of Ottawa, which granted him Life Membership in 2007. He has been active in photography for over 40 years, shooting in both film and digital formats.


Assignment – 46 slide, 3 print
General – 39 slide, 5 print
Disqualified – 0
Total Entries 93


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