Richard Martin Workshop Vision and Discovery: Explore Your Creative Spirit

By Nelly Almeida-Long


I recently participated in a Richard Martin workshop held in Ottawa. The workshop was such a great experience! We went to places that you would normally go to when in a new city, but took pictures that were out side the norm. Richard pointed out things that were not visible to most of us and the experience was so eye opening. We were all walking around looking up at the ceiling, looking for lines, curves and splashes of colour for details that most people just walk by.



Richard was a great teacher with lots of patience and such a willingness to share his knowledge and vision with us. I highly recommend his workshops for anyone who would like to try something new and get out of their comfort zone. I don’t think any of us will ever be able to walk into a museum and not look up to see what kind of creations can be made…fun was had by all!

I look forward to “seeing” the possibilities all around me as I explore my city with new eyes.



5 thoughts on “Richard Martin Workshop Vision and Discovery: Explore Your Creative Spirit

  1. Thanks for your interesting comments and recommendation. I've been thinking of taking a workshop such as this and will investigate further.

    1. Thanks for sharing this info. I've been thinking of participating in this type of workshop so found your postings very helpful.

      1. Rosemary - I also took Richard's workshop. I did it in Cobourg, ON a couple of weeks ago. It was excellent! He is a wonderful teacher and a great artist. I highly recommend his workshops!

  2. Thanks for this insight into your learning experience with Richard Martin. I look forward to signing up for one of his workshops soon.


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