Competition Topics 2018-19

The competition topics for the Club’s upcoming 2018-2019 season are listed below. These are also on the Club’s website under the Documents, Competitions folder. You must be signed in to the website in order to access the folder.

October “Nature – Slice of Light”
• We will use the CAPA 2008 Nature Competition Rules. These rules will be posted on the website.
• Images of animals in captivity are permitted provided the hand of man is not evident.

November “Playing with Time”
• Your image must incorporate the topic.

January “Multiple Exposure”
• Your image must incorporate multiple exposure, whether in camera or composited in post.

February “Embracing the Sun”
• Your image subject must embrace the topic.

March “Panning”
• Your image must make use of panning.

April “Faces & Figures – Authentic Moment”
• A photographic portrait which is a representation of a living person, especially the face, or a photograph in which the subject, the human body, is the primary interest.
• Entries are limited to POSED photographs of one or more human beings.
• The backgrounds may include statues or paintings of people, providing these are not the primary subject.
• Pet and animal portraits are excluded.
• There are no restrictions on location (indoors or outdoors) nor on lighting (ambient or artificial) however both must be considered and controlled.

The Competitions Committee is looking forward to your submissions and active participation!


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