Education Committee 2018/2019 Seminars & Workshops

The Education Committee has scheduled a number of seminars and workshops for the 2018 / 2019 period.  Members can sign up for these by clicking on the Events tab on the RA Photo Club website.  The following sessions are being offered over the next few months:

October 17 – Buying Used Photography Equipment – Tips and tricks to getting some great deals on the internet and at brick & mortar photography stores.

November 7 – Setting Up Your Digital Darkroom – Understanding the equipment, tools and setup that you need to process your digital images.

November 15 – Lightroom Interface and Develop Module – An introductory workshop on using this popular tool to edit your images.

December 6 – Lightroom Develop Module – A deeper dive into the Lightroom Develop Module using more advanced tools and techniques.

January 23 – Techniques & Tools – Making Selections in Photoshop – a look at some of the tools that Photoshop offers to make selections that can be applied to layer masks.

February 27 – Techniques & Tools – Using Photoshop Smart Objects and Smart Filters – using this tool as part of a non-destructive workflow that allows far more flexibility that direct edits to an image file.

More workshops and seminars are under development and will be announced as they are finalized.

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