Photographing Fall Foliage

This post submitted by Rick Strong.

Although our Fall colours may be covered in a bit of snow, this article from CBS News might still interesting for RAPC landscape photographers:

“Each autumn, as the weather cools and the leaves turn colors, the country lanes and lakes of New England turn into tourist hotspots. Around $3 billion are spent over the course of a typical New England fall, as visitors from all around the world head off in search of the most beautiful yellows and oranges and reds.

Knowing exactly WHERE to go can be a challenge. But it’s an obsession for one colorful character.

Jeff’s last name is really Folger, but he goes by “Jeff Foliage.” And he REALLY loves leaves. “My niche in life is the fall colors,” he told Conor Knighton. “It’s such a little present. It’s like Christmas for me. And I love unwrapping my presents! And I’m running around New England finding all these wonderful colors out here.””

At the end of the article there are some links that might be inspirational for photographers. Mr. Folger’s links to find covered bridges and other scenic spots are intriguing.

The full article can be found here:



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