Volunteer Appreciation Awards Nominations

Each year, the RA Photo Club relies on the contributions of volunteers to put on program evenings, to organize outings, to provide workshops, to manage the business of the club, and much more. Without volunteers, the club wouldn’t exist. This year, we have at least 65 volunteers filling a variety of roles.

IT’S TIME TO THANK OUR PHOTO CLUB VOLUNTEERS who have helped make the Photo Club enjoyable for you!

Look around and notice which people are taking responsibility for various Club activities or who have helped you personally. Send an email to awards@raphotoclub.ca naming that person and let us know why. The deadline is Tuesday 9, April 2019.

We have two awards to be given to deserving volunteers.

The Outstanding Contribution Award is for people who have contributed time and effort to the RAPC during their first five years of membership. Up to five awards may be given each year.

The Alice Gillies Award (named after our first Photo Club Life Member) goes to someone who has been a member and contributed to the Club for at least five years. One Alice Gillies Award is given each year.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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