Ride the Rails Urban Outing

On Sunday, November 3rd, our group of 18 members went on an urban outing “Ride the Rails” organized by Jeanne Laux and Anna Nitoslawska. We met at the Scotiabank Entrance located at the corner of Rideau and William Streets.  We did three stops going East to Tremblay, St. Laurent and Blair Stations.

There was amazing art work at these three stops starting at the Tremblay stop with cut-outs of the hanging garden, and at the St. Laurent stop, there’s huge mural scenery and at the Blair stop, there is the art work of coloured glass chips.

Aside from having frozen fingers and buns, our newbies, Donna Fleming and Allan Bultz immensely enjoyed their time learning the lines, curves, abstracts and textures from our group.  They both look forward to more of the urban outings. Thank goodness, we did not encounter any glitches while  riding the LRT through the three stops !

As Anna puts it ‘discovering ‘ the LRT after two hours, we rode back to Scotiabank Entrance and met up at the ‘Aulde Dubliner’ restaurant  for camaraderie and a delightful lunch served by our cheerful server named Kellie.

Check out our member, Brian Mazur’s cool  images on the Club’s Facebook! To see more images, stay tuned for the Urban Showcase coming up!

Many thanks to Jeanne and Anna for a great fun morning!


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