Definition of “Cold” for Faces & Figures Competition

For the upcoming Faces & Figures competition (which closes tomorrow, Tuesday, April 28 at 11:55 pm), the sub-theme of “cold” can mean many things. The Merriam-Webster’s definition of “cold” can be found here (and reproduced below).

Cold, Adjective
1a : having or being a temperature that is uncomfortably low for humans
– it is cold outside today
– a cold drafty attic
b : having a relatively low temperature or one lower than normal or expected
– the bath water has gotten cold
c : not heated: such as
(1) of food : served without heating especially after initial cooking or processing
– cold cereal
– cold roast beef
(2) : served chilled or with ice
– a cold drink
(3) : involving processing without the use of heat
– cold working of steel
2a : marked by a lack of the warmth of normal human emotion, friendliness, or compassion
– a cold stare
– got a cold reception
also : not moved to enthusiasm
– the movie leaves me cold
b : not colored or affected by personal feeling or bias : DETACHED, INDIFFERENT
– cold chronicles recorded by an outsider — Andrew Sarris
– cold facts
– cold reality
c : marked by sure familiarity :
– PAT had her lines cold weeks before opening night
3 : conveying the impression of being cold: such as: DEPRESSING, GLOOMY
– cold gray skies
4a : marked by the loss of normal body heat
– cold hands
especially : DEAD
… she lay cold and still—she was gone … — Upton Sinclair
b : giving the appearance of being dead : UNCONSCIOUS
– passed out cold
5a : having lost freshness or vividness : STALE
– dogs trying to pick up a cold scent
b : far off the mark : not close to finding or solving —used especially in children’s games
c : marked by poor or unlucky performance
– the team’s shooting turned cold in the second half
d : not prepared or suitably warmed up
– The player’s sub entered the game cold.

Cold, Noun
1 : bodily sensation produced by loss or lack of heat
– they died of the cold
2 : a condition of low temperature
– extremes of heat and cold
especially : cold weather
– He waited outside for her in the bitter cold.
3 : a bodily disorder popularly associated with chilling, specifically: COMMON COLD
– She came down with a cold.
– out in the cold
: deprived of benefits given others
– the plan benefits management but leaves labor out in the cold

Cold, Adverb
1 : with utter finality : ABSOLUTELY, COMPLETELY
– turned down cold
– stopped them cold
2a : without introduction or advance notice
– walked in cold to apply for a job
b : without preparation or warm-up
– was asked to perform the solo cold


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