2019 – 2020 Awards

Every year the RA Photo Club recognizes outstanding service by club members at the year end banquet.  With the club and facilities having been shut since March 2020, the club decided to delay announcing the award winners until there was more clarity on how long the shutdown would last.

At the July 2020 Executive Council meeting, the Council decided to approve and announce the 2019 – 2020 award winners.  At the same meeting, Council also approved the Awards Committee recommendation to create a new award to recognize outstanding contribution to the club by members.  This new Outstanding Service Award will not necessarily be an annual award and will only be presented when the Awards Committee determines that there is a candidate who deserves special recognition.

The first recipient of the Exceptional Service Award is Elaine Hum Sim.  In presenting her with this award, the RAPC would like to recognize Elaine’s long-standing work with both the Competitions Committee and the Social Committee.

The Outstanding Contribution Award is given out to members to recognize their contributions to the club during the first five years of membership.  This is an annual award and is limited to no more than five people in any given year and can only be earned once.  This year’s recipients are Allan Cameron and Ross Laing.

The Alice Gillies Award is given to a member who has made significant contributions to the club and has been a member for at least five years.  This year’s recipient is Anna Nitoslawska.

I would like to congratulate this year’s winners and thank them for their contributions to the club.

Manfred Mueller
Chair – RA Photo Club

P.S. Previous award winners and award descriptions can be found at the RA Photo Club website (you must be logged in to access the links).  For more information, please look at the following links:


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